St John Driving Academy - Whangarei
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ST John Driving Academy

0800 DRIVING or (09)437-4120

Gerry O'Connell - Driving Instructor (part time) 

Gerry joined St John Driving Academy in 1992.  

  • Gerry joined St John Driving Academy in 1992, when it was first established as a part time instructor.  In the period from 1992 to 1996 Gerry worked on a casual part-time basis.  In mid 1996 Gerry was given a three month temporary contract.  This has since changed and Gerry is now full time and has been many years and still here in 2016! 
  • Decemeber 2016 Gerry has retired from full time instructing, and has returned to his part time instructor role.  He's turning the clocks back to 1992 when he first started as a part timer.  



Carl Winter - Driving Instructor

Carl joined St John Driving Academy in 2014.  

  • Carl joined us from Tauranga. He was a MOT Traffic Officer and Licence Testing Officer for 7 years, also worked as an independant testing officer for LTSA (now NZTA) for another 7 years.  He also ran his own driving school in Tauranga.  Then Carl decided to move up to the winter-less north and joined our team.   Carl is a qualified Driving Instructor and has 10 years experience as an instructor.  

Wayne Lajeunesse - Senior Driving Instructor 

Wayne joined St John Driving Academy in 2015

  • Wayne is our Senior Driving Instructor.  He has helped us in modernising the Academy’s operations.  He has been involved in training for some time, and also comes to us with a background in Law Enforcement.  Oh yes… there is also an American accent in there somewhere, but he does stays on the correct side of the road.